Women’s Health


Women’s Health The greatest wealth any individual should possess is good health and not pieces of silver or gold. It is very necessary to eat food that is low in carbohydrates and rich in protein.  Eating junk and processed food is like feeding, disease and so it is always better …

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Ten Great Exercises for Losing Weight


Ten Great Exercises for Losing Weight Exercise is an excellent method that helps to keep the body healthy and fit. It is very necessary for an adult to exercise 3-6 days in a week and for at least 30-45 minutes.  Exercise is very helpful to build up the stamina of …

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Andropause vs Testosterone


Andropause vs Testosterone What is Andropause and how does it compare with Testosterone? While we have all heard about menopause and how it affects ladies who are at the end of their menstrual cycles, most of you would be wondering what Andropause means. Well, to satiate your curiosity, here is …

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The Future of Urban Healthcare


The Future of Urban Healthcare Urban healthcare has always been the source of much discussion and debate. As healthcare in our country gains interest amongst all types of people, and as the way we treat our bodies changes, the approach to healthcare is going to continue to evolve. Over the …

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Harnessing Hay Fever


Harnessing Hay Fever When a person with a sensitized immune system inhales an allergen such as pollen, dust or animal dander, an allergic inflammation of the nasal airways occurs. This is generally known as Allergic Rhinitis. And when this condition is caused particularly by grass pollens, it is known as …

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