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Your Pets Good Health Begins From their Mouth


Your Pets Good Health Begins From their Mouth

For some, pets are just animals kept in the house and for others they are part of the family. The love and affection showered on the pet is the same as they show on a child. The pet’s health is no difference. Strong teeth of your pet are an indication of good health, as there is a close relation between their teeth and health. Is a close connected with their teeth, so if you want a healthy pet it is very important you take care of its mouth?

Just like humans your pet also can suffer from dental diseases like gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), Plaque (build-up of material adhering on the enamel of the tooth composed of the mixed colony of bacteria. At the first stage, it is soft and can be easily removed by brushing. If left untreated, it will lead to periodontal diseases or even tartar, a hard calcium salt formation on the teeth that cannot be removed without using dental instruments.

In fact, 85% of adult dogs suffer from Periodontitis. Because we believe that they take care of their mouth naturally. Considering we also descend from apes but, if we do not brush regularly than our mouths give off a horrible stench and become yellow. Then why are dogs any less. We bath them and cut their nails; we even brush their fur then why do we not brush their teeth.

If you are aware of this and regularly brush your pet’s mouth, good for you if not, then first take your pet to the vet and get their teeth examined. If required, the vet will clean any plaque or tartar. Yes, it might be hectic with our routine but if you want your pet to be healthy you need to brush their teeth if not daily at least twice a week. You can easily get animal paste from the pet-store.

You’ll be amazed to know pets with dental problems can be on the way to suffering from heart disease as well, even heart-failure. Teeth not only affect the heart but the pet’s kidneys, intestinal tract and even joints.  If you do not want this to happen just follow these five steps:

  • Routine Veterinary Examination- A regular visit to the vet helps stay the pet healthy. Precautions like cleaning of buildup, helps avoid the formation of Tartar or more serious problem.
  • Tooth Brushing- If you brush your pet’s teeth regularly 99% of your worries will be cleaned
  • Professional Dental Cleaning and Polishing- Since cleaning the pets teeth is a task in itself on top of it the busy schedule, maintain regular visits to the vet
  • Dental Diets- Dental diets are ideal as they help in caring for the teeth as your pet chews on them easily available at the vet.

Dental chews and supplements- The options are vast and easily available in the market. They help the chewing activities that help in maintaining healthy teeth.

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