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Ten Great Exercises for Losing Weight


Ten Great Exercises for Losing Weight

Exercise is an excellent method that helps to keep the body healthy and fit. It is very necessary for an adult to exercise 3-6 days in a week and for at least 30-45 minutes.  Exercise is very helpful to build up the stamina of the body and it must be done in the right amount to regulate all the body functions. It is very easy to gain weight and to lose weight is a great challenge. And to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to make use of the powerful weapon exercise to stay fit and healthy.

The ten great exercises for losing weight are:

Walking:  Walking is an excellent exercise that increases the blood circulation of the body and it also provides cardiovascular benefits to people of all age groups.

Cycling: This high resistance exercise requires a lot of control and it can be done for about 45-60 minutes.

Cardio Exercises:  These resistance exercises are very vital for the body and they help to lose weight faster. Some of the Cardio exercises include squats, pushups, lifting weights and sit-ups. It is very necessary that some rest is taken in between performing these exercises. These challenging exercises are very effective and must be done under the guidance of a physical trainer.

Swimming: Swimming is an excellent exercise that provides muscular benefits and one can swim about 20-40 meters in a day. 10 minutes of skipping is beneficial in losing 150 calories.

Jogging:  This form of exercise is beneficial for people below the age of 50 and it is best to jog for 30 minutes and even enjoy short breaks of walking. It is very necessary to wear comfortable clothing while jogging.

Skipping: This wonderful stamina exercise that helps to burn body fat also helps to sculpt the shoulders, arms, chest and legs of the body.

Yoga:  Yoga is an excellent fitness regime that can be practiced daily that not only helps to lose weight, but also provides the body flexibility to carry out various activities. They are known to target the whole body and provide amazing results with regular practice of various asanas.

Interval Training: This exercise is very useful to lose weight faster and it involves changing from anaerobic exercise to aerobic exercises while doing the same workout.

Boxing: This training plan is efficiently practiced to strengthen the lower body and body tone. The various techniques involved in it are kicking, jabbing and jumping rope that help to lose weight fast. This workout is highly strenuous, but provides positive results.

Running:  Running program is the best and effective method that can be adopted to lose pounds and it helps to shed more weight than other exercise programs. But besides adopting these methods to lose weight it is also necessary to have a proper diet to boost the metabolism of the body and stay away from any health related problems.

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