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Smart Solutions for Sensitive Skin- Bring Back the Glow


Smart Solutions for Sensitive Skin- Bring Back the Glow

It is surprising to know that Skin forms the largest organ of your body, Yes, it is the largest organ of your body, an organ, having a total area of 20 sq ft. Things we see daily tend to be neglected, and our skin is no different. Our skin not only covers our internal organs and bones but

  • Helps keep our bodies temperature
  • Gives us the sense of touching
  • Most important of all-Protects us

Our skin has four types-Normal, Oily, dry and Sensitive.  What type of skin you have depends on three factors:

  • Water content-Affects skin’s elasticity and comfort
  • Oil Content-Affects the skins nourishment and softness
  • Sensitivity- affects tolerance to some substances; some have combination skin that attributes to two or all factors.

Here we are going to talk about sensitive skin. Almost 50% of women in the US and UK have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin has very low tolerance levels, or shall we say-hyper-active. Sensitive skin person will feel prickling, needles and in some cases itching. At times comes with redness on the skin. The causes can be either:

  • Physical-Wind, Heat, UV rays and cold
  • Chemicals: pollution, soap, cosmetics, water (the iron and calcium level in hard water)
  • Hormonal- menstrual cycle etc
  • Psychological-emotions, stress etc

So if you have sensitive skin you will want to know how to take care of it. Well, here are some solutions you can follow. For beginners switch to bare-bones regimen mild cleansers and chemical-free sun blocks (take ones containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) and moisturizer (unscented). If your redness is extreme your derma can prescribe cortisone (a topical), but use sparingly, being a steroid tends to weaken the epidermis and triggers new allergies.

Some natural solutions for sensitive skin are:

  • To calm the inflammation you can use Rose and Lavender
  • You can use soothing chamomile derivatives, or gentle exfoliator like blueberry seeds or natural toners as witch hazel.
  • You can also use non-fragrant, non-botanical, bland products like organic aloe-Vera

The other factors that affect your skin are some products we use. While showering, we use body washes, that washes contain surfactants that tend to irritate the skin. Use one that is mild and if you want to use body lotion than use one that has hydro-balancing effect. 82% of sensitive skin people get affected by the sun, so use sunscreen while going out.

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