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How Will Healthcare Evolve in the Future Urban Cities?

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How Will Healthcare Evolve in the Future Urban Cities?

Over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas such as cities, and 70% of these people live in cities with a population of over 100,000. When there are so many people crammed into one tiny area, not only does the rate of crime go up, but so do the rates of unemployment and healthcare concerns. Although there are a variety of steps that have been taken to ensure that everyone is provided with healthcare, many of these steps are not offering free healthcare to people with very low incomes. Rather, these laws have forced people with low incomes to begin purchasing healthcare in order to avoid being fined for something that would have otherwise been their decision to either purchase or not purchase. This leads to a variety of different potential concerns that could arise, and the future of healthcare in urban environments must be looked into.

Trends with the population of the world do not often change rapidly, meaning that most of the areas that are densely populated will stay densely populated, and the overall level of employment will continue to decrease. When this happens, there will be less and less people with the ability to afford healthcare, and something must change. There will either be one of two options that will erupt from this single point. First, the government may end up taking the forced healthcare away from people, meaning that it will once again be the choice of a person in an urban area to either purchase healthcare of do without. Second, the government may have to begin providing free healthcare to a variety of people. Of course, this is already being done to a certain degree, as people of lower income families often receive stipends or discount on the healthcare that they purchase, but the overall level of people in the urban areas will not be able to afford the healthcare that is so necessary whenever someone gets injured or sick.

So, the future of healthcare in future urban cities will either need to be given at a more open rate, which the pharmaceutical companies would barely take a hit from in the grand scheme of things, or people will no longer be forced to purchase healthcare from the government. One of these options must take place within the next 30 years, or something even more drastic will have to be completed in order to save the people in the urban areas who do not have a job.

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