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How to Reduce Kidney Disease


How to Reduce Kidney Disease

The kidneys are one of the most vital organs in our body because they serve a lot of homeostatic and regulatory functions. Regulation of blood pressure and electrolytes in our body as well as maintaining the acid base balance are some of the primary roles of the kidney. These functions are carried out by the filtration of blood periodically and passing out the waste to the urinary bladder. A failure to meet these functions might prove fatal for your body which is why you must be aware of the simple things you can do to avoid kidney disease.

  1. Controlling Diabetes – Statistically, more than 40% of the cases of kidney disease is directly related to diabetic problems. The reason for this is simple. Since the body does not respond properly to insulin well in cases of diabetes, sugar in the blood is not effectively transported to the cells. Because of that the blood sugar level goes up. Now since the blood sugar level is high, the kidneys have to ‘work harder’ to maintain the level of sugar. After a few years of this occurring repeatedly, the kidneys get weak and start to fail. Therefore, managing diabetes effectively can be one of the best ways to control diabetes.
  2. High Blood Pressure – A high blood pressure is another common cause for kidney disease. A high blood pressure narrows blood vessels and causes damage. It also causes damage to nephrons in the kidneys, which are the basic structural and functional units of the kidney. Maintaining your blood pressure by exercising daily and managing stress is a preventive measure against kidney disease.
  3. Reduce salt intake – If your salt intake is high (more than required) it may cause problems since sodium increases your blood pressure. At the same time it also triggers the formation of kidney stones which are very bad for your kidneys. Thus, reduce your salt intake if you are eating too much of it.
  4. Keep your alcohol intake in check – Too much of alcohol has an adverse impact on the kidneys because it disturbs electrolyte balance of the body. Maintaining the electrolyte balance is one of the important functions of the kidney. Also, alcohol affects the hormones that are responsible for proper kidney function.
  5. Eat healthy and exercise – Exercising has already been mentioned above, however staying fit by having a proper diet and exercising regularly is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of avoiding kidney disease. Obesity is a leading cause of type-2 diabetes because it interferes with insulin function and increases the blood sugar levels. 20-30 minutes of exercising in a day can be one of the most effective steps you take.

Drink a lot of water – Having a lot of water every day helps the kidney flush out toxins. It also helps the body maintain blood concentration, blood volume and helps with digestion. Drinking a lot of water is also an effective measure against the formation of kidney stores and it keeps you hydrated.

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