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Does Lack of Sleep Increase Your Risk of Infection?


Does Lack of Sleep Increase Your Risk of Infection?

When you lay down to sleep, your body falls into a different state.  During sleep  your body still functions and continues to work  restore, rest, and even heal.  A lack of sleep can affect your immune system in a negative way. When your body is deprived from sleep you can be subject  easily get sick as they are being exposed to any type of virus, or even the common cold.

What Happens When You Sleep?

When a person is said to be sleeping, a protein named cytokines is released and it helps in promoting sleep in a person. These cytokines must be increased in a person when they are said to be under heavy stress and the only way to increase cytokines is by taking a long deep sleep. Sleep deprivation in an individual will decrease the production of the protective cytokines and the infection that happens inside the body gets spread all around. The infection fighting type of cells and antibodies are highly reduced during such periods. Lack of sleep in a person for a longer period of time can result in developing diabetes, obesity and other types of blood vessel and heart diseases.

The After Effects of Lack of Sleep

Decreased concentration, hallucinations and memory lapses are other types of mental related problems that a person with lack of sleep can experience. Depersonalization happens to people who are suffering from lack of sleep and it can happen to them even without their own sense. Irregular sleep will supply a low amount of oxygen to the human brain and body. Irritation is the first thing that every individual with sleep disorders will face. When irritation occurs in a person, hypertension accompanies it and it leads to various other diseases. Production of white blood cells is decreased when a person is said to be working without following a proper sleep period. Our skin gets rejuvenated after getting a good sleep and lack of sleep can result in the appearance of dark circles in and around the eyes. Wrinkles and puffy eyes can occur at anytime and it does make one look aged. The body temperature decreases with people who have a sleep disorder.  It can even reduce the hormones from growing inside the human body, resulting in any type of infection to happen within the body.

Getting enough sleep and following a sleep period is very essential for every person. A human body gets recharged only when it gets enough sleep. The best way to avoid getting any type of infection is by making sure you keep a good sleep regimine.

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