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When we emit good energy (thoughts, feelings, and vibrations), we attract more positives to us.

When we dwell on the negatives, we attract negatives ~ sapping our energy and strength in the process.

If we want to attract heath, wellness, and vitality to ourselves, we must stop circulating (and re-circulating) toxic, negative thoughts and feelings.

You experience and create all kinds of different energies that affect how you feel and what you accomplish throughout your day. Some energies are powerful and easily recognizable, while others are more subtle and often only intuitively felt. I believe it is fair to say that everything is, in a sense, energy.

The things you say, the things you think, the things you do—even the things you don’t do—all produce good energy that impacts you and the people around you.

So what do I mean by good energy?

I like to think of energy as anything that invokes a reaction inside you. In other words, anything that makes you tick, ponder, feel, or react. Energy comes to us in different forms. The chair you’re sitting on, the music you’re listening to, or the book you just finished reading, all provoke some sort of reaction within you.

Take a break from reading this, close your eyes for the entire song, and see what you feel. Music is one of the most powerful and recognizable forms of good energy, which is perhaps why it is grounded in so many sacred traditions. A powerful musician can create the same sensations in many different people.

Signs of good energy:

  • they exude an inviting sense of heart, compassion, and support
  • you intuitively feel safe, relaxed, wanting to get closer; they emanate a peaceful glow
  • you feel better around them
  • your energy and optimism increase.

Signs of negative energy:

  • you experience a sense of being demeaned, constricted, or attacked
  • you intuitively feel unsafe, tense, or on guard
  • you sense prickly, off-putting vibes
  • you can’t wait to get away from them
  • your energy starts to fizzle
  • you may feel beleaguered or ill

Becoming Energized!

Music is the easiest way to shift your energy quickly. Athletes often listen to certain songs before games to help channel adrenaline; artists listen to music to help get their creative juices flowing; and many writers write with the help from music.

Often, when I wake up I fling the curtains open and let the sun flood into the room. This is a great way to become energized first thing in the morning. I don’t let rain sap my energy, though. If it’s raining, I try to be fully aware of the beauty before me so it becomes a positive influence, as well.

Some of the things that bring good energy into my life include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditating
  • Creative writing
  • Keeping a dream journal
  • Reading
  • Focusing on gratitude

Here are 10 Ways to Attract good Energy into your life, while boosting your immune system, curing dis-ease, and counter-balancing daily stress:

  1. Love and accept yourself as you are right now.  Start a list to remind yourself of all your wonderful qualities.  Add to it every day.
  2. Free yourself from past resentments and disappointments about who you were yesterday.  Stop engaging in self-blame and guilt for past acts and omissions.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Revel in it.
  3. Let go of any and all resentment you’re hanging onto about everyone and everything else.  Stop looking for reasons to criticize and blame others for their acts and omissions.  Let go of your desire to control others.
  4. Stop giving your power away.  Use your time, energy, and vitality wisely.  Every time you choose to focus on a negative, you are depleting your reserves rather than re-charging your batteries.
  5. Use creative visualization and your imagination to your advantage, not your detriment.  Instead of picturing worst case scenarios, see things as you want them to be.  Visualize yourself doing things in a state of perfect health.
  6. Do not speak of your illness, or dis-ease with others.  The more attention you place on what you don’t want in your life, the more energy it absorbs.   Remove your attention from your dis-ease.  Put your focus and attention on the things in your life that make you feel good.
  7. Love is the antidote to fear.  If you appreciate the many blessings in your life, and express gratitude for anything and everything, you begin to flow in  a healing bath (rather than languishing in toxins).  Develop an attitude of gratitude by making a list of all the things you are grateful for, including  increased health and vitality.
  8. Recognize that you have the power to heal yourself.  That healing power flows from the thoughts you think.  Allow positive thoughts to circulate, eliminating stress and boosting your immune system.
  9. Be happy.  Appreciate this moment.  Resist nothing.  Love yourself and others.  Be  grateful for small blessings.  Make happiness your number one  priority.  When you remain positive, you summon well-being, and vanquish  illness and dis-ease.
  10. Laugh!  Laugh again!  Watch funny movies and recall memories that make you laugh.  Once you access the joy within, let it expand to fill your entire being, crowding out illness and dis-ease.

These strategies work, but you must remember to apply them in your life.  Not once, not twice . . . EVERY DAY!

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