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Andropause vs Testosterone


Andropause vs Testosterone

What is Andropause and how does it compare with Testosterone?

While we have all heard about menopause and how it affects ladies who are at the end of their menstrual cycles, most of you would be wondering what Andropause means. Well, to satiate your curiosity, here is a quick definition of it. This happens in men when their testosterone levels go down as they age. This results in changes to their physiological behavior.

When it happens in women, they can go for therapy for hormone replacement so that their menopausal symptoms can be prevented or controlled. Similarly, Men could go for replacement therapy for testosterone but there would be a higher risk for getting prostate cancer because of that. So, before administering the testosterone, screening of prostate carcinoma is required. There are various formulations for testosterone available in the market and most common amongst them is the trans-dermal gel. They are very easy to administer.

When there is a reduction in testosterone, this results in deficiency of androgen in the aging males. In fact, it has been proven that there is a decrease of around 1% of testosterone every year once they reach the age of 30. And, as they age, the percentage of decrease will keep increasing.

While the female menopause might start anywhere between the age of 35 and 50 years of age, the male andropause progresses slowly and will continue as long as they age up and die. The production of testosterone hormones will gradually reduce and it will lead to aging in the men. There are various causes too for this decline.

There are external factors such as poor diet, being alcoholic, sleeplessness, some medication, illness, lack of sex or some kind of surgeries or stress.

Then, there are internal causes such as downturn of the testosterone circulation which will cause triggering of brain hormones by pituitary gland. This will stimulate the testicles in ramping up the testosterone production.

Most of the men face this problem in their thirties or forties and it will continue to hamper them. When the levels of testosterone drop to lower levels, the pituitary will kick the production of other hormones like GnRH and LH.

Even though female menopause is quite severe and sometimes will affect the uterus and ovaries too, the male andropause is also not to be taken too lightly. There could be various side effects and other symptoms. It is better to take care and take proper medication.

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